The citizens of Escambia-Pensacola have a unique opportunity to physically have their voices heard when an individual feels that their rights have been violated in the workplace or in a housing situation.  Oftentimes, with little or no direction, it can be a difficult time for someone who feels a violation has occurred but every number they call they experience the feeling of running into a brick wall while their needs are not met.  It is unfortunate when this happens and often when it comes to employment and housing matters the frustration is greater.  Can you imagine the feeling of hopelessness?  Here at the HRC when it comes to employment and housing matters, this agency seeks to alleviate that feeling by first listening and then working towards either addressing, resolving or referring the issue.  We welcome you to our website and hope that should you need our assistance we will be here for you.


Pastor Sylvia Tisdale

Rebecca Hale
Executive Director

Fair Housing Compliance Officer
Eldric Connors

Catrina Sword
Administrative Assistant to the Director



The EPHRC Commissioners are appointed by both the City Council and the Board of County Commissioners.  Once seated, the body appoints a ninth Commissioner, known as the Commission Appointee.  The EPHRC Commissioners serve a term of two years and may be reappointed.

The Board of County Commissioners is responsible for the appointment of four commissioners.  The City of Pensacola is also responsible for appointing four commissioners.

City of Pensacola Appointees

Mrs. Cassandra McAway

Ms. Gloria Wiggins

Dr. Candace Drake

Ms. Linda Holt

Escambia County Board of County Commissioners Appointees

Mrs. Kathleen Nolde-Martin, Chairman

Mrs. Anita Hemphill, Vice Chairman

Pastor Sylvia Tisdale

Ms. Kathleen Wilks

Commission Appointee

Ms. Cheryle Allen, Finance Chairman/Treasurer